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We decided to take some time to appreciate a brand thats been absolutely killing it, and that brand is LENNI the Label.

For six years now, LENNI has been floating around the market with regular new styles and collections. Sticking it to those who doubted, Lisa (LENNI's creator) has found a niche in the market not many are brave enough to venture into, this being the world of sequins, stars, patterns and materials that look and feel out of this world. LENNI has mastered the art of flared pants in all colours and patterns, dresses of every cut and so much more, AND still manages to surprise us with every collection they release! LENNI seems to posses the ability to create unique clothing for day and night wear, encompassing vibes from the 70's while remaining fresh and iconic.

We have been proudly stocking LENNI since January 2019, bringing it to the Northern Rivers for the first time. 

We love stocking LENNI to allow the wild hearted gals of Ballina and Byron Bay to express themselves through LENNI's ever-lasting iconic style.


Find our LENNI the Label collection HERE!

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