Danger In The Deep #FightForTheBight

Danger In The Deep

Norwegian “Clean Energy” Company Equinor have just released its draft plans for an exploration oil well approximately 370km off the South Australian Coast.

A simulation image hidden in the appendices of these plans show how catastrophic an oil spill could be, with oil potentially stretching from Western Australia, through South Australia, the Bass Straight all the way around Tasmania and as far north New South Wales as Port Macquarie. The Great Australian Bight being the worst of the affected.

Equinor insists in these draft plans that the drilling can be done safely, and highlights that while 59,000 offshore wells have been drilled worldwide since 1980, there had only been three major spills and in only one of those instances did oil reach the shore.

But with that being said, the wilderness society wrote a statement to parliament in 2016 when BP tried to drill in the exact same location which states “The physical conditions of the Great Australian Bight are significantly harsher than those involved with the Deepwater Horizon and Exxon Valdez spills.”

Find that statement and more here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/59ae83b846c3c480db41ac90/t/5a2f684b53450aa1429b1aa5/1513056375246/Senate+enquiry+for+Oil+and+Gas+Exploration+and+Production+-+The+Wilderness+Society+Supplemetary+Submission.pdf

The Great Australian Bight is one of the most pristine and untouched marine ecosystems in the world. A Site for whale calving, home to the Australian sea lion and is populated by more unique species than the Great Barrier Reef. The Development of an oil well increases the risk if cetacean strike. All cetacean (dolphins, whales and porpoises) are protected under the EPBC act in Australian waters. Risk of strike increases as shipping traffic grows. As the home of one of the planets highest dolphin populations and a whale nursery, cetacean injury and death becomes an increasing risk.


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The Petition already has 80k signatures, and also allows you to leave Equinor a message.



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